The Pathfinder Chronicles: Saga of the Seven Sins

The Hidden Temple of Lamashtu

Strange things have been happening at Hadler’s Gap. The creatures around the town had been growing more and more violent, including an otherwise benign ogre. The town hired the party to bring back the ogre’s head after he began slaying citizens. Additionally, the Pathfinder Society has offered to pay handsomely for information as to what is causing the strange changes.

The party traveled to the ogre’s cave and defeated him, only to find that his lair was just part of a much larger kobold cave complex. Exploring the cave revealed strange transformations overtaking those to remain there too long, making its denizens more and more monsterous in mind and body as time passed. Soon, the party began exhibiting strange powers and appearance as well. Further exploration revealed a forgotten temple dedicated to the goddess Lamashtu, patron of the monster races. A long dead wizard had once been a nuisance to the land, but now serves her in death, able only to interact with the world in a quasi-real reality between this life and Lamashtu’s plane.

A strange book called The Perilous Potion was discovered in the ancient library of the temple. It was filled with riddles that supposedly point the way to brewing various potions of power, with dire consequences for those who follow the recipes incorrectly. The book also had a hidden symbol within its pages that was later identified a magical rune of ancient Thassilon.

During Caillyn’s initial transformations, she had a strange vision of a rune-tattooed woman in ancient Thassilon who looked strikingly similar to her. The woman was hiding something precious and was soon assaulted by an enemy before the vision went away.

The temple exploration ended with a meeting with the wizard in his quasi-reality. He had turned into a slime-like avian monster over the course of the last few hundred years and nearly destroyed the party upon their meeting. Luckily, Waldo managed to turn the tides of battle and eventually defeat the creature with the help of the magic necklace of fireballs the party found earlier.

With the destruction of Lamashtu’s servant, the party returned to normal and most of the remaining creatures influenced by Lamashtu were destroyed by the resultant magical backlash.

Upon returning to Hadler’s Gap, the party returned as heroes. They were rewarded by the Society as promised and advised to go see an expert in Sandpoint as to the meaning behind the mysterious Thassilonian rune. Strangely enough, during a celebration after a job well done, Lulu received a message requesting her presence in Sandpoint for the opening of a new cathedral during the annual Butterfly Beer Festival. Before long, the party takes off on their journey toward Sandpoint.


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